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Gas combi oven. Cooking mode AC (Automatic Cooking) system for International recipes complete with pictures illustrating the finished meal. Manual cooking with three cooking modes: Convection from 30°C to 300°C, Steam from 30°C to 130°C, Combination Convection + Steam from 30°C to 300°C. Programmable modes – Possibility to programme and save cooking methods in an automatic sequence (up to 15 cycles) giving each programme its own name, picture and information on the recipe. System for measuring the humidity in the cooking chamber. System for quick dehumidification of the cooking chamber. Automatic (AC) “one touch” cooking. 7” colour screen that is high definition and capacitive with Touch Screen functions. Knob for confirming choices. An automatic cleaning system with an integrated tank and automatic dosing of detergent. Automatic reverse of fan rotation. Automatic parallel compartment and core temperature control, DELTA T system. Automatically regulated steam condensation. Programmable deferred cooking. Ability to choose up to 6 fan speeds. For special cooking methods, you can use an intermittent speed. Temperature control at the product core using probe with 4 detection points. Core probe connection through a connector outside of the cooking chamber, with the ability to quickly connect the needle probe for vacuum cooking and small pieces. USB connection to download HACCP data, update software and load/unload cooking programmes. IPX5 protection against sprays of water. Perfectly smooth, watertight chamber. Door with double tempered glass with air chamber and interior heat-reflecting glass for greater efficiency. Internal glass that folds to open for easy cleaning. Internal glass that folds to open for easy cleaning. Optional: shower. Equipped with: core probe, automatic washing system, shelf supports in AISI 304 stainless steel (space between shelves 70mm.). Cooking chamber capacity: 10 x GN 2/1 (650x530mm) or 20 GN 1/1. Number of meals 150 – 300.


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